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Deformation Mechanisms in Elektron 675
Title Deformation Mechanisms in Elektron 675
Staff Dave Randman, Prof WM Rainforth, Dr BP Wynne, Dr B Davis
Funding EPSRC and Magnesium Elektron Ltd.


Elektron 675 is a new, rare earth-based magnesium alloy developed by Magnesium Elektron Ltd. for wrought applications. Elektron 675 has superior mechanical properties relative to the current commercially available wrought alloys AZ31B, WE43, and ZK60. This work looks at the rolling deformation behaviour of the alloy through plane strain compression tests at a range of temperatures and strain rates. Constitutive equations of flow stress as a function of strain, strain rate and temperature have been developed, showing a peak stress followed by gradual softening.  Microstructural analysis has been carried out and the softening has been attributed to a small amount of dynamic recrystallisation that is occurring in areas of high strain, forming a necklace structure around the grain boundaries. In both EBSD and TEM it is seen that fine planar slip bands form on standard slip systems. The correlation between microstructure and flow behaviour will be discussed.


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Elektron 675 deformed in plane strain compression at 460°C and 5s-1 to 0.7 strain
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